Entry #5

lol fuck

2015-02-14 13:57:56 by killerdoegirl

hi hey i am still here

I'm a lot better at animating, been practicing and I'll be uploading one at the end of this week.

For those that have seen my edgy wolf animations, this may be my last one of the Custer Wolf for a while.

I've changed up the story and whatnot so much, the idea is stale and I don't like it anymore. I would love to return to it someday, but only when I'm 10000000x better at animating.

I am moving on to a fresher, new story that has been building up in my head for a while now.

It's gonna be hard, but I'm going to try to animate people and anthro-type creatures. I'm also finishing up highschool, so after May I'll have more free time to animate <3 yay


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