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2015-02-14 13:57:56 by killerdoegirl

hi hey i am still here

I'm a lot better at animating, been practicing and I'll be uploading one at the end of this week.

For those that have seen my edgy wolf animations, this may be my last one of the Custer Wolf for a while.

I've changed up the story and whatnot so much, the idea is stale and I don't like it anymore. I would love to return to it someday, but only when I'm 10000000x better at animating.

I am moving on to a fresher, new story that has been building up in my head for a while now.

It's gonna be hard, but I'm going to try to animate people and anthro-type creatures. I'm also finishing up highschool, so after May I'll have more free time to animate <3 yay

Yesterday I finished the script for the first REAL episode of the Custer wolf! The dialogue is a lot less cheap and cheesier than the shitty pilot I made. I'm very excited to get started working on it! But of course I'll have to send the script to my voice actors first of course haha.
This episode will take place before the pilot episode. It will explain how the coyote spirit became who he is and what his motives are.
If you don't mind spoilers, here's the script
And here's the trailer

Also, does anyone have trouble changing their icon on NG...? I've been trying to change it to this crappy old thing (would change it but there's no point if it wont upload s:) ae7dcf0b76b.jpg
When I click upload it tells me to crop it, even though it doesn't appear in the preview. Same goes for the profile image too
:( Has this happened to anyone?

I finished the pilot episode for the Custer Wolf! In a couple of weeks I'm getting a Cintiq, so maybe after I get that I'll start to work on episode one which will have a better script and longer story. Also, I'll try to practice a bit more in flash and start to lip sync better. :P
I may also be animating a collaborative project with a friend too, but for now we're just trying to get the concept art down of the characters.

Hey Alligators

2012-10-16 01:29:48 by killerdoegirl

Hey Bros. It's been ONE YEAR and I have mastered the arts of Flash and traveled the roads of Tweens, and I am now finally good at Flash~ And I've improved a lot with my art style too.
Right now I'm in my sophomore year in highschool, so I'll be pretty busy with homework and stuff. I have some really big plans for a 3-part animated series called The Custer Wolf.
At the moment it's on hiatus. But it WONT be canceled. EVER. I can promise that. It's just that I always change my style a little every other month, so it's kind of hard to plan out a animated series that would be made over a couple of months, with various changes in the art style as it goes.
[If you look at some of the older vids, you can see how I used to draw a couple of months ago. HIDEOUS! lol].
But anyways, I may upload some more funny clips every so-and-so. The Custer Wolf series will be a collaborative between me and a friend, so whenever it's on hiatus, I may start working on little funny shorts and stuff :P
So yeah~
Doe signing out
See y'all.


2011-06-02 22:51:05 by killerdoegirl

I'm just here, doing stuff....
This isn't even a real news post...
I'll post more stuff later.